Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gimme Gimme Gimme

The bartender at the Sidetrack said: "people sure do like to give you things. I wish people would give me free stuff like that," pointing to my stack of loot for the weekend. This included:
  • Coupon for free chips & guac, from Chipolte
  • Coupon for free burrito from same
  • GSB bumper sticker
  • Beige baseball hat, GSB logowear
  • Flyer for free Hepatitis A&B vaccination
  • CD for same
  • Tinfoil gumwrappers
  • Rubber charity wristband (orange)
  • Lint (found in pocket)
  • Penny (found on street)

I offered her the pick of any of this, or a cash tip. She laughed, but took the cash.

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