Sunday, November 02, 2014

Links for Later 11-2-14

  1. Judex: "There has been a bird."
  2. "What David Fincher doesn't do"
  3. The evolution of Robert Bork's Constitutional and jurisprudential theory. 
  4. What is the male equivalent of "distaff"?
  5. Underdressed for flying in a Speedo and inflatable ducky.
  6. Tim Geithner's uncharitable opinions of everyone else during the crash.
  7. Vladimir Putin gives a speech. Club Orlov applauds. Everyone else shrugs.
  8. Jeff Hawkins: Why neural networks are not the road to strong AI.
  9. Josh Seiden: “When you are writing, you are not a samurai. You are a waterfall or some shit”
  10. Keynes was right.
  11. Syllabus for an Archives, Libraries & Databases class by Shannon Mattern
  12. Alchemical processes represented by birds.
  13. Sharp waves organize memory/recall & possibly decision-making as well.
  14. Would like to know more about this: "cells from [presumably olfactory bulb] used to regrow man's spinal cord."
  15. Better headline: "You have chemoreceptors in every cell of your body. Some of these are also part of your sense of smell."