Thursday, March 12, 2009

Calvin & Hobbes Grow Up

Gerry Canavan collects some of the best-of-the-Internet renditions of post-comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. The effects range from the uplifting to the poignant. The image above, by Sora on Deviantart is particularly cool.
Before there was Buffy, Calvin & Hobbes was pop culture for the cognoscenti.

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Ryan said...

oh dear. i was looking for a calvin and hobbes comic to show my friend, we were talking about something and there was a specific one i wanted to show her.
anyway, while i was looking for it via google images. i saw this one. Of all the post calvin and hobbes things i've seen, i like this one. love it, actually, to a point. but it is assuredly post calvin and hobbes, it gives its own kind of a feel, reminiscent of the past, but moving forward, yet still in its own way.
i like it.