Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Latest Dispatches from the Democratic Civil War

Kai Wright's "All together now, Shut up you Lefties!" gathers the latest volleys between the Villagers/Kool Kids, Centrocons, Dirty Hippies and Blognets.

The left-wing critics are right about the conspicuous flaws of the pending health-care reform--its lack of even a weak "public option," its too meagre subsidies, its windfalls for Big Pharma, its capitulation on abortion coverage, its reliance on private insurance. And there are surely senators and representatives whose motives are base or, broadly speaking, corrupt. But it is nonsense to attribute the less than fully satisfactory result to the alleged perfidy of the President or "the Democrats."

You see, lefties? You can't hold your leaders accountable, because it's the nameless, faceless "system" that's to blame. Which is pretty much the same street-corner logic that leads millions of people to opt out of democracy altogether. Either the presidency matters or it doesn't. Either our leaders are accountable for the policies they create or they are not. And if they are not, let's drop the conceit of democracy and take the reform debate from there.
How about we drop the infighting and try to pass the agenda we came in on, before the crazies regain some seats?

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