Friday, February 05, 2010

Bruce Sterling/Shapeways Interview

Bruce answers quirky questions from 3-d printing company Shapeways. A little spiky, a little flinty, all zen:
Joris Peels: In the future will people still read science fiction?

Bruce Sterling: "Science fiction" is 80 years old. Mass-produced commercial fiction is about 250 years old. "The future" is a very long time. Do you suppose people will still be "people" forever? The human species is only two million years old and the universe is 13.7 billion years old.

...Joris Peels: Does [Avatar] suck?

Bruce Sterling: Not if the intention was to clear a billion dollars with a three hundred million dollar investment. The Bollywood people I follow are hugely impressed by "Avatar."

Joris Peels: Who is the most likely person to be the first to start his own species?

Bruce Sterling: Somebody not born yet. A "species" by definition would be required to breed only with itself and not with human beings. It's hard to believe that we couldn't finesse a minor problem like that one. If you somehow engineer yourself to have four arms and wings, we could just re=engineer your stem cells and restore your so-called "species" to the status quo. Big deal.

Joris Peels: If you could resurrect one dead media, which would it be?

Bruce Sterling: The Incan quipu. It would be great to learn how those really worked.
Joris Peels: The hoverboard is the greatest piece of technology ever imagined, discuss.

Bruce Sterling: If we're talking strictly imaginary technology, it's hard to beat the Hindu pantheon churning the entire universe from a sea of milk by using a giant cobra.

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Thanks Shapeways to share Bruce Sterling thoughts!
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