Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

High points of the year from a personal perspective:
  1. Taught a freshman biology course at the local community college. Nice to get back into it, hope I did more good than harm. Two thirds of the students would recommend that others take the course, which I'm told is a stellar review, so that's something.
  2. Spent the second half of the year as Chief Marketing Officer of a startup software company.
  3. Traveled a lot for business: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami, Toronto, Detroit, Toledo, Munich, Nuremberg. Narrowly avoided being groped & scoped by the TSA.
  4. Recovered some of my long lost German language skills, although the Germans are speaking more English than ever before, about as much as the Dutch were speaking 20 years ago. The Dutch are now almost universally perfectly bilingual.
  5. Met lots of interesting people, and have several prospects for new customers, clients and friends for the coming year.

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