Thursday, February 03, 2011

Disaster & Disorder Week

I woke up Sunday after Ed's 42nd birthday party, suspecting that I had a hangover, but instead finding that I had the flu. Note that I am not drinking in the above photographs.

I escaped Chicago before Lake Shore Drive became a scene from The Next Day. (Photo source: Chuck Garfien). One of my friend Alicia's parents was part of a group of Gold Coast residents who went to help:

My mom just told me that people from her Lake Shore Drive building climbed through the snow drifts on the Outer Drive to get sandwiches and cupcakes and drinks to people stranded in their cars - and some took them into their homes and fed them. Community spirit rises to the occasion from the most unexpected locations - and gave my heart a little lift today.

Shortly after arriving home, power went out, and has been out for two days. Go, AEP!
In the meantime, how about that revolution in Egypt? I've been glued to Baratunde's Twitter list and Al Jazeera's live stream, watching history happen in real time.

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