Monday, May 16, 2011

Links for Later

  1. Paul Krugman on the debt standoff

  2. Marginal Revolution on Paul Krugman on the debt ceiling standoff

  3. Nassim Taleb at Wharton

  4. Percolation theory

  5. Q. How many words a day do writers write? A. 250-300 at the terse end, 1000-1500 for average writers, 2500+ for unusually fast/fluid writers who have practiced a lot, and 5000-10000 for short periods or among mutant outliers

  6. Who's a psychopath in your life?

  7. 28 years in solitary confinement

  8. Witstream: Twitter jokes

  9. "Go the Fuck to Sleep" goes viral, #1 on Amazon

  10. The Cunning Men of Essex

  11. Profile of Edward Tufte

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