Friday, January 27, 2012

Links for Later 1-27-12

  1. Shannon Larratt's recommendation for Spoonflower custom printed fabric
  2. How To Build a TARDIS
  3. Trying to fix Pakistan's schools
  4. StatSilk World Bank lets you do geographic comparisons of global macroeconomic indicators
  5. Typography in Illustrator by Smashing Mag
  6. New, hi-rez images of the Earth from satellite
  7. Freud in the Adirondacks
  8. Great one-handed catch by a ballboy at the Australian Open
  9. Elsevier's economic case is hollow
  10. Blade Runner Blues cover
  11. Morgellon's disease update
  12. Effects of a media diet
  13. How right-handed sugars emerged from left-handed amino acids in the early organic environment
  14. Fans willen Edwin Bouwhuis terug
  15. Chris Dodd and MPAA in trouble over SOPA/PIPA

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