Thursday, March 22, 2012

Links for Later 3-22-12

  1. Critique of Jonah Lehrer's Imagine
  2. "The White Savior Industrial Complex"
  3. Monks' marginalia
  4. The Supreme Court upholds the laws of nature
  5. Dan Savage responds to Rick Santorum "praying for him"
  6. Just look at these pop art monstrosities
  7. Top 10 lessons of the Iraq War (#1: We lost.)
  8. Kony 2012 director diagnosed with "reactive psychosis", colloquially known as flipping out under stress
  9. You'll get my Facebook password when you take it from my cold, dead hands
  10. Mass Effect's deeply unsatisfying ending to be retconned
  11. Stupid debate about reviving the draft
  12. Mitt Romney's litigious, anti-gay, billionaire backer
  13. Mark Leyner returns!
  14. Dangerous Minds threw a heck of a party the other night
  15. No, he's not really flying by flapping his arms
  16. Giant polaroids of light from a giant prism
  17. How Obama tried and failed to sell out the liberals last year
  18. Kevin Smith's done making films, y'all
  19. Ben McKenzie on Southland
  20. "Questions No One Knows the Answers To"
  21. China Mieville on monsters

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