Monday, June 11, 2012

Links for Later 6-11-12

  1. First objects in the universe spotted, not identified
  2. Prometheus from an archeological perspective (funny)
  3. Advice for foreign tourists in America (be on time, tip 20%, use utensils sometimes but not always)
  4. The final final
  5. Laura Jane Grace rocking harder than ever
  6. Courage: LGBT Pride events in Iran
  7. Peter Thiel's startup class: startup founders are extreme people (the U-shaped distribution)
  8. Bowe Bergdahl is still a POW
  9. Busted via Twitter
  10. Heinz Kohut's final days
  11. Death among the Buddhist yogis
  12. Death among the snake-handling Christians
  13. More snake-handlers
  14. Military-grade face transplants
  15. There is no best place to advertise; try things and track results

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