Monday, September 09, 2013

Links for Later 9-9-13

  1. The ormolu gilders of Paris rarely lived past 40, due to mercury fumes. They were given bread or a silver coin in a pouch in their mouth as a detection device. If they'd inhaled mercury nitrate fumes, the coin would turn "to gold". They also tried a snorkel-like mask, but all measures weree ineffective until mercury was eliminated from the process.
  2. In the 18th Century, there was a newspaper called the New York Occasional Reverberator (via @ManhattanPast)
  3. Demons enter our world through tinted SUV windows, angels nibble skyscraper light to stay afloat, and the Blue Lady will protect you from bullets if you know her secret name. The myths of the street children of Miami.
  4. The funeral of the Empress Jose I Sarria, the Widow Norton, founder of the Imperial Court of San Francisco, WWII vet, first openly gay political candidate in America, held at Grace Cathedral this past weekend.

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