Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some Notes on 60 Minutes, the NSA and Snowden

  1. The NSA's credibility is so bad at this point that you can't help them by defending them. You can only ruin your own credibility by trying.
  2. Sending a former DNI staffer to interview NSA staffers on national TV is an ironic choice.
  3. If Edward Snowden passed the hacker test by hacking the test, overriding the administrator's permissions, and setting his own score, it's pretty clear that he deserves to pass the hacker test.
  4. If he can do all of that as a high school drop out, he gets bonus points.
  5. If he's coding at home with a towel over his head, maybe you should think about asking your other coders to do the same thing. Evidently, Ed Snowden has better opsec than the rest of your guys.
  6. He's also got a clearer concept of the legality & constitutionality of this business than most of the senior management over there. 
  7. Maybe you should put him in charge instead of trying to prosecute him.

Elsewhere: Boingboing has a nice little critique over here.

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