Saturday, May 03, 2014

Links for Later 5-3-14

  1. Kip Manley writes an open letter to John C. Wright.
  2. Cat Valente writes an open letter to John C. Wright.
  3. Hal Duncan and the Elders of Sodom write an open letter to John C. Wright.
  4. John C. Wright takes his post down in response to a large number of open letters objecting to it.
  5. Aaron Hedlund notes some issues with Piketty involving, among other things, questions about what variables are properly endogenous and exogenous to growth & production models. Interesting critique.
  6. Noah Smith notes Tyler Cowen's anti-Piketty posts, their frequency & intensity, and the similarity of Cowen's predictions about inequality to Piketty's. So why the friction?
  7. List of the "30 most influential living psychologists". Weirdly, I have heard of all of them except for their choice for #1.
  8. How to write an essay.

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