Thursday, May 21, 2015

Startup Geometry Podcast EP 003: Adam Swartzbaugh

Adam Swartzbaugh, founder of the Genesis Network, works to defeat human trafficking and help rebuild local networks to help with disaster recovery. He's not only an active social entrepreneur, he's also a rapid language learner, world traveler and multi-sport athlete. He's also the only man I know who's won in hand-to-hand combat with a hawk. In this episode of the Startup Geometry Podcast, I talk with Adam about:
  • What made him interested in the problem of human trafficking in Southeast Asia
  • How providing educational opportunities in remote locations is the key to interrupting trafficking networks
  • How finding a calling changes your motivational & energy levels
  • Why attending a highly creative university while doing a highly structured ROTC program made for a powerful combination of experiences
  • What adventure sports can do for you
Show links Genesis Network
Brown University International Relations
Providence ROTC
Indian Ocean 2004 tsunami
Haiti 2010 earthquake
Global Rescue

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