Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Announcing Windcastle Press

UPCOMING PROJECT: I am opening the reservation lists for hardback and deluxe editions of De Umbris Idearum: On the Shadows of Ideas, the first book of the Collected Works of Giordano Bruno.

The paperback and eBook versions have been selling steadily since they were first released in 2013. I've received a number of requests over the years for the hardback and deluxe from collectors and academic buyers. If you want one, then I highly recommend signing up for the reservation list, as I will be scaling the size of the print run based on the size of this list, and based on the number who actually pre-purchase either edition, and all indications are that both editions will sell quickly.
The current plan is to publish a matched/coordinated edition of all seven books in the series, provided there is adequate demand for each book. If this reservation/publication model works well, then additional publications will be made, both classic and new works. For example, Trithemius's Steganographia is undergoing translation right now, and could be made ready later this year. I have requests for three more Bruno works, another by Trithemius, and several others in the queue.

Sign up to reserve your copy and to receive further information here.

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