Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Run Hit Wonder

Went for a little 5K action last night with Joyce and Mark, continuing our series of fitness dares. I came in with a time of 33:42, which means I kept an 11 minute mile pace--I'd like to be under 10, but hey, I'm in the top 38 percent of my age group, according to the website.

The best part about the event, other than having some mild affirmation that I'm at least marginally physically fit, and able to pass really slow people with only moderate effort, was the reaction of fellow public transport passengers to all the yellow shirts worn by participants (in place of those pin-on race numbers). One guy asked if we were all in a cult. Others shifted away from us (on the way down due to anxiety, on the way back due to the pungent body aroma emanating from some of the participants.)

Joyce and Mark, recently married, threw water in each other's faces after the finish. "We're fourteen," they said.

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