Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Justice! Bad!

Dan Froomkin, recently exiled Washington Post columnist, writes today about the questions raised by a long series of bizarre Obama Administration positions taken on everything from transparency to preventive detention to gay rights. The odd thing about this change in character is that it's all Justice Department related: Obama's State Department (diplomacy) is great and in character with the Obama Campaign; Defense has moderated, but in pragmatic ways; Treasury is struggling with the Meltdown, but is fully in line with mainstream liberal thought; Interior, Energy, HHS, HUD, and Education are moving carefully, but in the right direction.

Why is Justice different? It is as though the Bush Administration was successful at "burrowing" political hacks into the Department, and replacing the Obama Administration's opinions with their own. Has the Justice Department been hijacked, or is Obama really behind all of these neo-conservative decisions?

And why isn't the press pushing on this?

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