Friday, September 10, 2010

Links for Later

1. The Untamed Prince

2. Technomads

3. Diary of a returning soldier

4. Freakangels on the difficulty of communicating without temporal anchors

5. Jeffrey Steingarten tries to avoid becoming a coffee nerd

6. YouTube time travel

7. James Franco interviewed

8. Frank Lloyd Wright house up for sale, used as set for Blade Runner, Angel, others

9. Celebrities with unusual features

10. TSA bullying travelers into 'optional' full body scanners

11. Black Hotels (and goldmines) for money laundering (via Felix Salmon)

12. American economic inequality growing

13. "Who's funding these radical Christians?"

14. Adam Smith by Nicholas Phillipson (via marginal revolution)

15. "At the bookstore later in the day, my son stood in front of the Sci Fi section and said, in a very loud voice: 'Mom, this is my new gender.' I bit back 'genre,' which is something I also try to do when I am alone."

16. The shaving cycle of men

17. Why Chesterton doesn't make any sense in his Christian apologetics

18. Spontaneous badassery (via linkmachinego)

19. B vitamins protect against senile dementia, brain shrinkage in early stages

20. Shakespeare's face recreated in 3-D from death mask

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