Monday, October 18, 2010


Max Hastings starts his thrilling review of two books on the French Foreign Legion,

The world contains more misfits, sadists, masochists, and people who enjoy fighting than we sometimes like to suppose. How else can one explain the fact that the French Foreign Legion is heavily overrecruited?
...and goes on a long, burning march from there. Highlights include the sentry in Indochina snatched by a wall-leaping tiger who left behind only a freshly rolled cigarette and the man's rifle, having leapt back into the jungle to consume its prey.

I have no idea if the books themselves are as good as the review, but if they are, they should make for great under-the-covers reading.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Scott that's a fantastic Review by Max 'Hitler' Hastings.I'm gonna try and get the Windrow book today.
I thoroughly recommend you try and get hold of a rare but brilliant French African film on DVD.Sarraounia (1986) shows a noble Warrior Queen bravely holding out against odious,venal French Colonialists circa 1890.It's a cracker!