Thursday, October 29, 2015

Links for Later 10-29-15

  1. Maggie Stiefvater reflects on creativity as a form of dream thievery.
  2. The Turkish elections are shaping up to be quite a mess. Wishing the Turkish people all the best.
  3. Ukrainian elections are shaping up to be just weird. People dressed up as Star Wars characters are winning some elections, getting arrested in others. 
  4. The Republican Party's strategy "continues to assume that the government is too mean to rich people and too nice to poor people."
  5. A social history of the Salem witches.
  6. The soundtrack to Hamilton is on repeat at my house.
  7. When Beyonce met Jonathan Groff, as told by Lin-Manuel Miranda: "Groff got embarrassed. But he said I could tell you. Next three tweets.
    1.  Beyonce: Did you play the King? Groffsauce: Yes. Beyonce: I'm stealing your walk. I love your walk. Groffsauce: *inarticulate sounds*
    2. Beyonce: When you turned away still facing the audience? *BEYONCE DEMONSTRATES FLAWLESSLY* Beyonce: You were your OWN turntable. Love it. 
    3. And then, in Groffsauce's own words "Then the ground swallowed me up and I died happy." Thus endeth the meeting of Beyonce & Groffsauce.
    4. There is no straight-male equivalent for the ecstasy of Beyonce telling you "I love your walk." ESPECIALLY for Groffsauce, walk enthusiast.
    5. Bruce Lee: "Can you teach me that cool kick?" That's the closest I can approximate to what happened to Groffsauce.

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