Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Startup Geometry Podcast EP 012: Anthony Metivier

Anthony Metivier, proprietor of MagneticMemoryMethod.com, has taught fifty thousand people how to improve their memory using the memory palace technique. He is a one man content factory, producing books, podcasts, online videos and courses to teach foreign languages, meditation and relaxation, and memory improvement.

Anthony Metivier

Today, we talk about how you can improve your memory, what makes for a good online course, and why friendship can be  monstrous.

Show links and notes

Anthony's website, magneticmemorymethod.com Twitter: @anthonymetivier
The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast
Anthony interviewed me last year about Giordano Bruno's memory palaces.
Nelson Dellis, memory champion and mountain climber, @climbformemory on Twitter.
Nietzsche on friendship
Foucault on friendship
Joseph Epstein: Friendship, An Expose
Christian Slater

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