Thursday, June 02, 2005

Everlasting Blogstalker

The local coffee house, Pause, is the spot to sit in the summer and work on your blog posts, or in my case, the last MBA paper of my life. Huzzah.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who likes the place. While I'm sitting in the front window, a clatch in the back are namedropping the Chicagobloggers weblisting are in the big back table, a couple of Gen X slacker types are tap-tap-tapping away at laptops in the church pews, and a guy who looks suspiciously like local microceleb Jake from NoFo is sitting out front giving me quizzical looks because I'm staring squinting stalking politely trying to figure out whether I recognize him or not.

Either way, hi, Jake.

1 comment:

Jake said...

Sorry -- that wasn't I.

I walk by Pause on the way to the el every morning, but I haven't been in the place since I had a very bad date there over 12 months ago.

Hi back, though.