Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Parade

The Halstead Street Halloween Parade is notable not for its size, but for its blurry outlines. While the main padade went north, occasional clusters of performers, bands, and cars went south along the same route, producing a weird sloshing movement within the parade route itself.

Meanwhile, the question of "who's in costume, and who just dresses funny all the time?" kept coming to mind. Is the guy in the fireman outfit going to a costume party, or just home from work? Is the kid in the floor length overcoat and platform shoes a vampire or just a goth? Is the six foot tall woman next to me a parade contestant, or a drag queen, or a WNBA player in an evening gown? Has the guy in the Santa hat got the wrong holiday, celebrating the release of Jarhead, or is he just trying to keep warm? When we play with identity year round, and eccentrics abound, Halloween is every day.

Trick or Treat.

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