Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Link Roundup

The only good fight is a pillow fight. Pictures from the Toronto flash mob pillow fight. (via boingboing)

"If you don't write your books, nobody else will do it for you. No one else has lived your life."
-Jose Saramago (via Jonathan Carroll)

TRAVELING EUROPE IN STYLE WITH AUCKLAND DINGIROO,DARK-AGE TOURIST AND CRITIC OF FOOD AND DRINK. "There are numerous inns in and around the city that are comfortable and reasonably priced. My favorite is Mon Petit Chou (My Little Cabbage). It is a picturesque cottage along the Seine run by an elderly prostitute named Genevieve."

Cool is for Kids. " I am a middle-aged man dressed in a little Whistles skirt/Monsoon jacket combo and look a bit like an off-duty Duchess of Cornwall. I don’t get many opportunities for leisure trannying these days so I used the occasion of shopping for my wife’s birthday present to don a housewife-up-from-the-’burbs number.

"Now as a rule I would say that if there is one group of people that transvestites need to avoid, it is early-teenage girls."

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