Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Truth or Dare?

I'm in the process of filling in a personal profile on a dating site, but it's giving me a lot of trouble. Specifically, how much I need to lie in order to tell the truth.

For example, I'm 6'0", but if I put that down, I always think that people are saying to themselves, "oh, this guy's really 5'11" and trying to fool us with the extra inch," so I tell people I'm 6'1".

Or, if I say I'm in "average" shape, does that mean average for a 35-year old, or a 35-year old in Chicago, or for everybody? Does it sound like I'm actually a "needs a little work", angling for an "average", or should I say "above average" or "well toned"?

Does all of this questioning make me look like a "self absorbed" or "poor body image" when what I really want to be is "well adjusted" or "self confident"?

How much should you lie in a personal ad to account for automatic grade deflation?

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