Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Long drive to Chicago leaves me fried. Passed someone in Indiana who fell in a ditch, car went on fire. Many firetrucks with small onboard stores of water trying to put fire out, traffic stuck or slowed in both directions.

Lot of strange preachers on the radio in rural IN. One guy left a whole bunch of churches, apparently over the Sola Scriptura dogma; talk show hosts sort of nodding and saying yep, yep, that happens all the time. Another preacher starts talking about how he wishes there were a little pill he could take so he could ride around in womens' purses and men's wallets. No idea how that connects to anything.

Reminds me, though, that when I used to do the long drive, I once got some televangelist who was doing a word-perfect Valentinian Gnostic sermon, all about the fall of Sophia into the material world and the archons and Demiurgos and whatnot. Another one talking about how to do sigils raise egregores and other techniques developed by the chaos magic kids, without ever once referring to that fact. There's a lot of stuff buried out there in the American night; a lot of 18th and 19th century utopian communities that just turned out to be dumps like everywhere else.

Wonderful and inexplicable and tacky, all at the same time.

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