Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Taxonomy of Housing

FT Features a survey by Makno Consulting describing seven use profiles for housing:

  1. Bunker A dwelling stuck in time and closed to all but a few close relatives and intimate friends that provides protective shelter
  2. Hearth A functional, affordable, dynamic, intimate family space with warm, traditional furnishings and liberal use of pastel colours
  3. Forum A house groomed for aesthetics as well as function with social kitchens, distinct private spaces, outdoor areas and decor in muted, natural tones with splashes of intense colour
  4. Office A collection of rooms used by different people for anything from work to recreation to relaxation
  5. Theatre A stage-set that prioritises aesthetics and personal considerations over function or economy with contemporary design and technology plus antiques and art for effect
  6. Tent A perfunctory, undecorated set-up for the young and highly mobile
  7. Commodity An anonymous dwelling occupied by a professional whose real home is elsewhere

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