Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bret Easton Ellis gives a fun little interview to Scott Tobias, discussing the reasons why The Rules of Attraction is the only book of his that completely worked as a movie, why you should never have an author give publicity for a movie based on one of his books, and why Roger Avary's Glitterati should only be shown to private groups, like the Perforated Mexicans film society:

avc: A lot of Rules Of Attraction fans would ask you if Glitterati will ever see the light of day.

bee: For many legal reasons, it will never see the light of day. You can’t really show Glitterati in public, it’s not possible. There are a lot of people who would be very upset. I don’t even know if they got permission from a lot of the people in it, which might be a big problem, why it’s only shown privately.

avc:: Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story can also never be shown for rights reasons, but it’s found its way into underground circles. So maybe there’s hope?

bee: Roger’s obsessed with containment of this. I think it would ruin marriages. [Laughs] I think what they shot is… I think it’ll be a long time before they can show this movie. I think Kip Pardue would be okay with it, maybe. But it’s basically about 90 minutes of him in character actually seducing women throughout Europe. Much of this was shot late at night, and people didn’t care. I just don’t know what you could do with it. You can’t really show this movie in public.

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