Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chicago Visit, Day 2

So enthused about being back in the city after a long absence that I walked from the South Loop all the way up to North Avenue in the early morning. The lakeshore looked like a piece of the Riviera--all gold and blue.

Brunch at Tweet le Soir with Dave, Lauren & Andrew. Had the crabcake, avocado, and bacon sandwich, which the waitress referred to as "the Holy Trinity". Followed up with red velvet cake. Tasty, tasty.

There are a lot of cops in Uptown these days, after a five day riot back in May. Somebody in my old apartment building got hauled off by federal marshalls for some kind of heavy-duty sex crime. The guy who makes cell phone calls without benefit of a cell phone is still on the corner. That neighborhood is so much more colorful than where I live now.

Bought some Gap selvage jeans at a massive discount with no sales tax due to the tax holiday.

Back to Lollapalooza. Lot of guys in lacrosse shirts this year. Watched Social Distortion, who I'd first seen over twenty years ago, and who still rock just as hard. Talked with a bunch of guys from Montreal, who had "driven 17 hours to be here" and who were impressed that I'd been to the first Lollapalooza back in '91, making me feel old but cool. They said the "marijuana situation" down here was a bummer, that pot up in Canada was "basically free" and that it was "even cheaper than that in Quebec". I apologized and told them "like so many other things, Canada is ahead of us in this area" and that I'd "see what we could do" about the problem. :-) Watched Green Day from the second row of people. They really understand how to entertain a crowd, and played a great show. Brought up a bunch of people who looked like they were having the time of their lives.

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