Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Links for Later

1. Rand Paul, pot, secret societies and "Aqua Buddha".

2. The air attendant Super Bail.

3. How to scale a company.

4. Ray LaMontaigne album "Good Lord Willin and the Creek don't Rise" streamed on NPR

5. The "Frozin Chosin" battle, in which Chesty Puller advances to the rear, while demolishing Chinese battalions and carrying the wounded.

6. Tom Hardy's lived an interesting life.

7. Spinal cord regeneration via the PTEN/mTOR pathway. Don't get excited yet, it's just in mice. Anybody can get mice up and walking. Really.

8. Ed Stafford walks the length of the Amazon in two years.

9. The Books quote Gandhi

10. P=NP, or does it? Another view.

11. Ted Olson rules Fox.

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