Friday, August 20, 2010

Links for Later

1. Scott Berkun on the Myths of Innovation, revisited.

2. Ross Douthat's not fooling anybody.

3. Were the World Trade Centers examples of Islamic architecture?

4. Tennis player Andy Murray interviewed, photographed, Photoshopped.

5. Erik Prince to be deposed in Abu Dhabi.

6. Shatner's Toupee, a website that would also work as a band name.

7. Was Herman Melville hot for Hawthorne?

8. 35 lessons in 35 years.

9. Amar Bhide calls for decentralized finance & financial research.

10. Fever Ray, "Mercy Street" cover.

11. Nathan Branch gets a bespoke perfume from Mandy Aftel, and I am jealous.

12. Sharon Angle, Christian Reconstructionist.

13. Elliot Allagash

14. First Kiss stories.

15. Calculating COGS for software companies

16. Jake from NoFo talks about Social Anxiety Disorder.

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