Monday, September 15, 2008

The Condition my Condition is in

I'm feeling better about the elections. The polls appear to be rebounding in the correct direction.

On the other hand, Ohio comes off pretty badly in this article in Salon, about race and the race in Ohio.

I had dinner last night with a friend of mine from Ohio who describes himself as "not a conservative", who's thinking about voting for McCain because of the fear of socialized medicine and whatnot. In the same breath, he cursed the people who elected Bush twice, for being stupid. When he says this, I want to take a picture of someone who's holding mutually contradictory ideas in his head simultaneously.

In other news, power is out across the state., and may be so for the next week or so. I'm holed up in a library that miraculously still has power. My usual coffeehouse is thickly encrusted with slackers on laptops.

Also, Lehman's blown up, Merrill just got sold at a 50% discount (and counts itself lucky), AIG just borrowed a bunch of money from its subsidiaries (but is probably next to go down), and UBS just announced another $5B in markdowns (so I'd put that in the second slot for failure). Somebody's on the other end of all of their trades, and that somebody's now in trouble. Any guesses which of the >$1B hedge funds are gonna blow in the next week?

But don't worry, John McCain says it's all in your imagination. Why not lie about that, just like everything else.

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