Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Does John McCain hate Sarah Palin so?

Ken Layne makes a funny, as usual:

She ate "mooseburgers." She played basketball. Her husband was some bum with a little fishing boat. Her kids had crazy names. Her office was filled with comical dead animals.

Whenever times are bad -- and the past eight years have been horrific -- it's nice to have a Happy Subject to write about, something harmless and nice to look at. That was Sarah Palin.

Now it's over, because of John McCain's outrageous selfishness. As a cheap political stunt, McCain dragged this nice lady he doesn't even know into his doomed campaign, and already the TV commentators and op-ed writers are calling her a dimwit, an amateur, a hapless tool. McCain is such a cruel creep that he's making Sarah Palin debate Joe Biden.

Not very nice. Oddly, he seems to have also never met her, nor had any of his people vet her in any serious way, by talking to Alaskan Republican officials or the local papers, for example. There are already zany Desperate Housewives-style rumors flying around the backroads of the Interwebs like ghosts among the trees. I wonder how long and hard he actually thought about this choice.

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