Friday, October 21, 2005

Boka Tasting

Met Sergio Carlei at a tasting of his wines last night at Boka, organized by Rebecca. Also got to sample the great little dark chocolate pistachios Annastacia makes (available in a full range of Pantone colors, no less).

Sergio divides wines into two camps: "interesting vs. boring".

About his shiraz/viognier: "It's like swapping partners. Lots of fun. Maybe the young ladies don't like it so much, but with's OK. It's something different."

Among his interesting wines were the Tre Bianchi sauvignon blanc/semillon/chardonnay, which had a crisp, sparkly chracter, unlike the typical grapefruit/pinapple flavor usually found with Australian wines of this type. In general, he's a big fan of subtlety, with less heavily extracted wines (or at least wines unsupplemented by concentrate). I don't know if this is a sharp marketing choice, but it certainly gets him points for originality.

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