Friday, October 21, 2005

"No, the big one with the scope"

So funny I fell off my chair laughing.

Timmy, Hand Momma her Gun

One day I came across a well footnoted story of a female bus driver in Spain who, late at night, would pick up drunk men, pull the bus over, kill them, remove their ears and sew them to the bottoms of the bus seats. True, it's sick, but you have to appreciate the quirky touches. Did she use a needle and thread, or was a Bedazzler involved? Ears sewn to seats, was there a pun involved that I wasn't getting? A lesser murderer would have just shot their victims in the head and left them for dead, but it takes vision to make it into the Journal of Abnormal Psychology and this particular bus driver had it in spades.

She reminded me of Chastity Blevins.

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-e said...

I'm all for the Bedazzler. The Abnormal Psych bit reminds me of crazy girl number 135546; Christy Randolph, woman of iron. Once while taking a brief nap on her couch Christy sat down next to me and woke me by yanking a good size tuft of hair out of my belly. Not my arm, not my head. She actually went to the trouble of lifting my shirt slowly and gently enough to attck navel follicles. A lesson for those subscribing to the "with one eye open" philosophy. I no longer sleep in front of strange women, let alone with them.